The Green Couch
Book Three
A novel by Gerald Brett

The Control and Use of Outlaw Signs
by Rupert Goldsworthy

On the art of Ellen Black & Sarah McMenimen,
Mariele Neudecker and Tracey Snelling.
One Day. July 2010.
by Phil King

Huckleberry Finn
CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco
An Essay in Seven Parts
by Erik Bakke

Dino Dinco at Project One Gallery, San Francisco

Desirée Holman at Silverman Gallery, San Francisco

Rupert Goldsworthy's Paintings, Berlin

Paul McCarthy's Low Life Slow Life--
a short, invigorating history of influence steeped in loss, death and misconception
by Erik Bakke

Martin Ramirez at the San Jose Museum of Art
by Erik Bakke

Aftershock Information
ISSN 2159-1768